不管你是否在后备军官训练队, 现役, 退伍军人、军人配偶或家属, Ashland University is dedicated to ensuring that if college is the next step in your journey, 你将永远得到你所需要的支持. Ashland University was named among the top 12 schools in the nation for military-connected and veteran students, 也是唯一一所上榜的私立大学.


通过《葡京线上游戏平台》的综合福利, the Yellow Ribbon Program and our deep commitment to the success of every student, military-connected and veteran students who come to Ashland will pay little or no tuition out of pocket.

自二战结束以来, the GI Bill has helped qualifying veterans and their family members get money to cover all or some of the costs for school or training. We will be glad to handle the qualification and application process to ensure you are able to maximize the benefits of this program.

The Yellow Ribbon Program helps cover costs for out-of-state and/or private undergraduate tuition not covered by the GI Bill. Where many private schools honor some portion of the Yellow Ribbon Program and only for a limited number of students per year, Ashland is one of the only private universities in America to pledge maximum coverage for all undergraduate students who qualify.

From your first contact with a member of our team, we determine which GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program benefits you’re eligible for and begin the application process.



Designed for exclusive military-connected and veteran student use, 的杰克 W. Liebert军事 & 退伍军人资源中心是你在校园的中心. Housing everything from the Military Student Service offices to a USO-style lounge and communal spaces designed to bring students like you together, 的杰克 gives you everything you need to transition successfully from military to college life.



来参观校园吧! We’ll give you a tour and start helping you navigate the daily details of college life—housing, 财务状况, 餐, 教师会议上, 调度类, partnering with other veterans who can advise you on any details you may have questions about.



First, we’ll help you determine and apply for all the VA benefits that apply to you. Next, we’ll help you complete and submit your application for admission to Ashland University. Once you’re admitted, we’ll also help you choose and register for classes.

You’ll apply either as an undergraduate student, a transfer student or a graduate student.

学费援助(TA)基金是独一无二的, distinct source of financial aid available to eligible Service members, TA是第一付款人. 有关申请助教基金的详情,请浏览 军事OneSource 网站.

Eligible Service members must receive approval from an Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within the Military Service prior to enrolling.

The estimated cost of books and supplies ranges from $500 to $1,000元/年, depending on the type and level of academic program.

Readmission: Former students are welcome to return and study at Ashland University; simply complete and submit the 重新激活申请表格. Be sure to list any colleges or universities you have attended while you’ve been away. Please request official transcripts from these institutions to be sent to our 招生 Office.